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Follow the Rules: Jean Touitou

Sunday 20 Jan 2008, fashion news
The opinionated A.P.C. designer on bad art, what makes a good guest, and men who work out too much.
Photograph by Stéphane Gallois

We’re not living in a very creative era. That’s not good or bad; it’s just the way it is. I think it’s in very bad taste to buy art right now. People should leave it to the hedge-fund owners who want to satisfy their wives. “Hey, I bought a Chinese avant-garde thing.” Good for you.

I think it’s very important to look sexy at home. I hate it when people say, “I will take this to the countryside because it’s not fashionable anymore.” I love being well-dressed when nobody’s looking at me.

At hotels, they always mess up the cleaning. They will do a crease when it’s not necessary. You give them a cotton shirt and they dry-clean it. It smells funny, so you have to rinse it again. So I travel light.

If you can tell a man’s sexuality by the way he dresses—like a “gay” uniform or a “macho” uniform—that’s disgusting.

Nowadays, people work out way too much, and they look like invaders from another planet. A guy who works out two hours a day—focusing on his chest because he thinks it’s sexy—you can’t dress him, even if you send him to the best designer or stylist in the world.

Finance men have money but no taste. They’ll say, “My wife thinks this tie looks good on me.” They don’t focus on what’s beautiful and what’s not beautiful—they leave it to women.

The rock star who uses a personal stylist to dress him should go to jail. If you’re doing rock and roll, you should know how to dress. You shouldn’t need to hire anybody.

Anybody can be a good guest for dinner. When it gets delicate is after one day. The worst guests are the people who come to your place and in the morning they say, “Okay, what do we do today?”

I once wore a pink, ruffled shirt for dinner, and I wish I had never done it. I thought it was funny, but I felt so bad in it I realized I don’t have the humor to deal with ugliness.

After you’re 35, it’s difficult to drink unless you’re running 10 miles a day. I’m not talking one dry martini every Saturday or something. I’m talking three dry martinis a night. And I don’t think that’s possible—it’s too much poisoning. It’s not a very sexy way to talk about drinking, but that’s the truth.

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The latest hair style cuts, and advice for new hairstyles

Tuesday 04 Dec 2007, fashion news

Soft feminine hairstyle, this short hairstyle uses the natural wave of the hair, but can also work on straight hair.

A soft feminine pixie hairstyle uses the natural wavy curls of the hair to create volume

Extra soft pixie hairstyle is created from thick hair and plenty layers, the darker fringe stands out beautifully highlighting a pretty face.

This short hairstyle has longer spiked strands that are highlighted with a warm caramel color.

This ultra spiky hairstyle can be worn flat with a side swept fringe for a calmer look.

This bob length short cut is a calmer version of the previous spiky hairstyle. This gives you an idea of how flexible the pixie hairstyle can be.

This long feminine pixie style has an extra long fringe that has been thinned at the ends and falls slightly over the eyes.

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How to Wear Tweed

Monday 03 Dec 2007, fashion news

Complement the texture of a light-colored tweed blazer with a knit tie—one in a darker color that’s paired with a bold striped shirt.
Blazer by Polo by Ralph Lauren. Shirt by Gap. Tie by Michael Bastian.

Also is very important how to tie scarf to looks nice

Click on the left image to enlarge

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